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"It never would have worked out."

A few weeks ago I was invited to (and of course attended) what essentially amounted to a mini-reunion for a group of people who used to make each other feel really cool and drink a lot (on the internet and off.) When in small groups we tend towards fancy neighborhood happy hours, but when you bring a larger group together it’s best to go for dive bars – we love [...]


Obligatory "Yay, it's a New Year!" post

Yeah – I know, I know…it’s been FOREVER. BUT (!) for very good reason. This lady had been up to her eyeballs in study materials for weeks, but it all paid off and I am now an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer. Aww yeah, that’s right! So now I am in the process of looking for a job in the fitness industry, which is also keeping me pretty [...]


The best laid plans of mice and men oft go astray.

Sadly, my Fishbowl plans fell apart, though it did provide me with the opportunity to: A) meet up with some pals for a quick cider, B) pick up a free pizza from the new ‘Zaw Pizza in my neighborhood that does “artisan…take and bake” and C) play far too many hours of Grand Theft Auto V. It looks like this may be yet another costume-less year, folks. I also managed [...]


The making of a superhero.

Now that I have done a “refresher course” for the first four chapters in my Personal Training Manual it’s time to switch over to “The Essentials of Exercise Science” and really start moving forward on anatomy. I took Advanced Biology in high school so this should be No Big Deal, right? While I do feel slightly intimidated by the sheer volume of information I need to absorb over the next [...]


Studying: the perfect Fall activity.

You know, honestly, I think I’ve studied more since I graduated than I ever did in high school. With my attempts to learn Turkish, find ways to improve my health and now with the Personal Trainer certification, I have been putting my brain to the test. And now that I have scheduled my certification test for late December (and because I have been slacking since June,) I’ve got to keep [...]


I was featured on The Dirty.

But not in the way you might think. For those of you who might not be familiar with Nik Richie and The Dirty, I offer these links: Nik Richie Wiki Nik Richie of The Dirty, the Man Who Posted the Anthony Weiner Sexts (Daily Beast) The Website That Found Mainstream Fame With Anthony Weiner’s Penis…(Business Insider) I have seen people I know on his website. I’m not here to defend [...]


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RSVP with style and humor

I think the wedding that VNM™ and I will be attending next week is only the second that I’ve been directly invited to as an adult and the only one where I’ve personally had to RSVP. Along with the invitation the lovely couple included an RSVP card with the additional option of sending your response via email, but when I looked at that cute little postcard with a blank white [...]




As I was composing a post about another upcoming trip that has been added to my calendar I realized that essentially almost every big excursion I’ve described plans for/expressed excitement about on my blog has ended up being cancelled or in general not going nearly as well as it could have. I’m really beginning to think I’m jinxed. I actually believe this so much at this moment that I’m totally [...]


Smoberiety and a clean car.

I am again in the process of giving up cigarettes with the same reasoning that I’ve had all along – it smells and it’s expensive (aside from the fact that it’s killing me, right?) One of the aspects of this terrible addiction was the fact that my car stunk and was perpetually dirtied with ashes. So gross. While he insists that those weren’t his motivations (in addition to the fact that [...]


Well, here it is.

It’s been a long wait for my blogger followers, but after quite a bit of work from myself and The Very Nice Boy™ (going forward let’s start calling him a man, shall we – he’s earned it) I finally have an actual grown up real life website! Bear in mind, what we have here is still a work in progress. Slowly but surely content and pages will be added as [...]


Argh. Sometimes it just isn't your week.

This is Gotye, the stuffed platypus that my Work Hubs brought back for me from his trip to Australia after assuring me that obtaining a sloth would be nigh impossible. This is Gotye the musical artist from Australia whose show I am going to miss because I dragged my feet until it was sold out again despite actually having enough money for the ticket. So, I basically get to sit [...]